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Wooden Fence and Deck Cleaning

The weather in Tennessee is absolutely lovely, but the warm and humid climate can put a heavy toll on our decks and fences. Without proper maintenance, your deck and fence will eventually lose its natural luster. Unclean exterior surfaces become infested by organic growth such as moss, algae, mildew, dirt, grime and other surface contaminants. This promotes wood decay. According to wood experts, a properly-cared-for deck can last almost twice as long as a neglected deck.

Wooden Fence and Deck Cleaning

Power Washing can bring that new wood look back to your fence! Many customers have been shocked by the results! By removing that top layer of old wood that has been exposed to the elements you can bring that old fence back to life. After pressure washing wood of any kind whether it be a fence or a deck, we recommend sealing the surface. Pressure Washing will help protect the wood as well as keep it looking good.

Falcons Pressure and Soft Washing company is your source for residential and commercial pressure washing services in Clarksville, Tennessee. Having our professional’s handle your pressure washing services increasing the value of your largest investment. We are committed to excellent customer service and very competitive pricing.

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